Why Every Entrepreneur Needs to Watch Moana

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Do you ever have a moment where something hits you?

Yes?! WOAH, we’re relating and connecting here, I love it.

This morning, I heard a message about leveraging my life for the Kingdom of God– leveraging my life for eternity over temporary.

Naturally, I thought of Moana (You did too? See, we’re #vibing). Anyways, I was with my friend and her daughter and, of course, Moana comes up (it’s an inside joke between myself and a friend). I thought about the song where Moana is looking out over the ocean and saying how she wishes she could meet the status quo, but something is pulling her to something bigger.

Do you ever feel like status quo gets you down?

Like it gets your vote in life? I’m not just talking about society, I’m talking about personal status quo (how many times can I say that phrase?!!!).

God spoke to me about how I’d fallen into a pattern of a limiting belief completely unbeknownst to myself! You know what? It was a belief I have carried based on my past.

The preacher mentioned Noah this morning. When Noah built the ark, rain had never happened before! Can you imagine being told by God that it was going to rain, so he needed to build a huge boat– at the expense of having his entire community ridiculing him… when rain didn’t even exist?!

Don’t worry, we’re getting back to Moana soon!

He spoke about the sacrifices we’re faced with when following Christ. Last week, the message (from a different speaker) was about No More Excuses.

The power of excuses is real.

Thing is, excuses are always reasonable! Aren’t they?!

I mean, how often can we legitimately say we’re incredibly busy? Probably every day. How often can we legitimately say what happened to us was unfair and really difficult? Probably every day.

Yet, what do I want my life to be?

What I learned from Moana

K, so, Moana. She knew she needed to change things for her village. It’s funny because, the people around her saw that she had a call on her life (her dad told her she was going to be the leader of the island), however, they didn’t see that her call was something they never did– leave the island.

Often, people don’t understand my business. They look at me like I’m going to be very poor for following an entrepreneurial path. To be honest, it gets me, man! I usually shy away from speaking about my business and, SOMETIMES, it even inhibits me from really going for something.

Like, the limiting belief creates and excuse, which breeds the reality of being unsuccessful or, even more awful, perpetually being ‘almost’ successful.

Once this limiting belief (which is NOT inevitable at all, rather, a choice) was brought to my attention, I realized that I needed to leverage my life differently.

I needed to be the one who would step out amidst the ridicule and limiting beliefs of others AND myself.

What am I trying to get at today? Ask God and listen to see what the limiting beliefs (not realities) are that you’re carrying.

“I am Moana of Motunui. You will board my boat and restore the heart to Te Fiti.”

Moana stepped out despite the negativity, fear and self-judgement (why, can’t I just be normal?!) and, in the end, restored the heart of Te Fiti.

Was it easy? No! Was it worth it? (umm, she saved basically the entire world) YES!

This isn’t to make you feel crumby. Honestly, we all have limiting beliefs! This is an opportunity for you and I to stare another one in the face and say, “Nah, man! I choose to see the true reality. I WILL succeed! Bye, Felicia!”


You are created to succeed!

What’s a limiting belief you carry that you want to get rid of? Let me know in the comments below.

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