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Where’s Your Focus? Psalm 46

On Sunday, I heard a message that was really good and pertained to me quite a bit… It was really nice.

Sometimes, life is hard, and that’s the gist of it. There’s no, but it’s getting better! It’s just, let’s sit here, where it’s not going well, and let’s just be. I know that it’s really hard for us to just let people– and let ourselves sit in a place where we feel uncomfortable. It’s not because people don’t want to move out of their difficult predicament– or that they don’t believe they can… It’s just that it’s been years since they started believing and it gets harder and harder to hear, “Oh, it will all be better soon! You just wait! In NO TIME you’ll be rejoicing!” I mean, the wonderful things we say are usually true, things work out, we get to be with God, but, in the moment, sometimes we just need to surrender. Life’s not about always feeling happy.

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How do we surrender (rather than give up) when things are going hard and have been for a long time? I spoke, last time, about how we’re to ‘count it all joy when we go through trials of many kinds…’ but how does this apply? How do we do that?

It’s in our focus! When we learn (and continue) to focus on God first.

We see the chaos because we don’t understand what is going on, but God sees the smooth flowing river. That’s why he tells us to be still. We’re flailing about, trying to make it out of the water– out of our destiny, our calling, our identity, our lives, but God is telling us to trust him. He’s reminding us that everything is in his control. We don’t have to flail about. We’re still, somehow, moving against the current, but instead of taking us out, it chisels us. We become beautiful, refined, whole. We become who were meant to be in the midst of allowing the current— allowing God, to guide us.
We must fix our focus on the horizon, on God.
The hard part is, even when we have the singular focus on God, we’re still going to get tossed about and encounter rapids and waves. We may even fall out a few times. Level of difficulty: 100.
The other struggle is, you can 100% have God IN your life when things get hard… But it’s easy to remove him from being the FOCUS of your life.
It’s so easy to say, God, I’ll never let you go, but I’m going to take care of myself, ok?
Psalm 46:8-11 - Where's Your Focus? - www.carmelaaimee.com #blog #scripture #Psalm46 #BeStill #verse
Now, here’s where it’s tricky in another way. There may have been things (or the way we did things) that were seriously wrong! I know, for me, I’ve had a lot of things God spoke to me about in seasons where I already felt I was drowning. It’s hard to trust when you’re saying, but what if I’m wrong about EVERYTHING? Like I said, it’s easy to turn our eyes onto ourselves and what we can do and achieve, but God is calling us to something higher, to our destiny!
When God is our primary focus, we can make it through the most difficult, impossible circumstances.
What do you think? Have you ever felt like giving up? If so, what helped you hold on?
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  1. You are so right. Every time I change the focus off of myself and back onto God, things seem to be so much better even if the circumstance itself has not changed.

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