When to Quit | Dealing with the Fear of/Perceived Failure

Fear of failure or the perception of failure bring us to a place where it's easiest to just quit. What should you do when it hits the fan?

Lately I’ve felt basically no drive to come and write. Part of this is because my last post was so good and the other part is I felt a lack of traction.

Dealing with the fear of failure

For real, though! I knew I wrote a good post and I was like, no follow up will suffice. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling this way about something.

So, I took a mega long break. Part of me wanted to just write content, anything would work! Sadly, the other part won out. I could make a ton of excuses, but that’s all they would be.

I realized the main thing was writing another post and getting it over with, I just took some extra time to get around to it.

How to persevere through perceived failure

It’s difficult to feel like you’ve been persevering at something for SO long and not seeing the desired results. In fact, sometimes you see your traffic go down… a lot.

Thing is, there are also ALWAYS other people who are getting these opportunities and promotions. You wonder how your peers Insta account is soaring into the 10,000’s and you’re sitting at a humble 500 followers. You wonder how this guy just published a course and people are flocking to it and you … well, you have a pretty frickin’ solid outline, bro!

I find the easiest thing in these circumstances of humble beginnings is submitting to the answer it’s just not for me. The biggest (and pretty much only) thing I’ve found all entrepreneurs and successful people have in common is, they pushed past these times (NOT that they didn’t experience them*).

I have friends who want to build their own businesses and friend who just want to grow in their current professional space. Either way, success is achievable with persistence and continued education.

I think the biggest struggle is a fixation on the conduit to success. We have this elusive dream, but we also have a specific way in which we intend to get there. Isn’t it true? You think, I want to be CEO by the time I’m 30 and it’s going to happen by me personally starting this specific thing in this specific way,  period.

I get stuck in this! We either have an idea– or we’re modelling after an idea, but it doesn’t mean it’s our way to success.

So many of my friends (and I) are wondering why some people are getting what we want, but we aren’t.

I’ve heard some reaaaaallllly stupid answers like, ‘you’re just not ready’, or ‘maybe it isn’t right for you’. In all fairness, these could be the case, but I’d like to challenge you with this thought: Maybe your story is just different from their story.

It’s THAT simple

Maybe the universe isn’t conspiring against you. Maybe God’s not actually smiting you because you did something human, maybe you’re not a complete failure who should give up and start sleeping in a pool of your own tears… Mayyyyybe your story is just different.

I’m willing to bet the dream is still in you, maybe just buried a bit deeper now. Perhaps it’s shifted and looks a little different than what you first expected. Maybe you have to take another unexpected turn, but it doesn’t mean ‘that thing’ isn’t for you.

The passion and desire there in the beginning still burns in you, let it.

So, here’s my follow up post. The unwritable blog. May it encourage you to do your follow up.

Let me know in the comments or via email what your follow up is, we’re in this together, yo.

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