Self-Care Tips for the Holidays

Oh, the holidays

December started and the magic of Christmas hung in the air like the scent of a white-chocolate caramel mocha at Starbucks (No, I can’t have one of those, but work with me, people!). The next thing you know, BAM! You’re flying headfirst into a chaotic spiral of holiday DRAMA (girl, why it gotta be so cray?)!!!!

By now, you’ve got 3 family members you’re not speaking to, you haven’t bought any gifts cause you’re literally broke, and you’re working so much but barely able to get by… not to mention you’re exhausted, hungry, and just want a cuddle (but *looks around* where s/he at ‘do?!)… *self cuddle.*

I feel you.

The holiday stress fest is real!

If you happen to suffer from chronic fatigue/anything else– holy Bleep-mas, is this going to be hard or what?

Let’s be real

No matter how hard we try, the holidays may not be the most peaceful time of our lives. BUT, we CAN make them so much better! How? You may ask. Well, I’m going to share some tips I personally use to get through these stressful times.

Self Care Tips for the Holidays

Tip 1: Stop and breathe.

Ok, you’re thinking, thanks Yoda… I’m going to go back to freaking the eff out now! 

I knoooooow this tip sounds lame, but taking a moment to close your eyes and take in 3 deeps breaths, makes a HUGE difference (come on, try it… I know you wanna… sorry, I annoyed myself. And end parenthesis).

Why does this work? Well, number 1, it’s simple! You can literally do it anywhere (not like that crazy ‘apartment’ friendly workout… I see you fractured toe). Number 2 (hehe. I’m immature, so sue me!), it gives you a moment away from the mental/physical frenzy going on around you and allows you to regain focus. You know, like, when you’re playing a video game and you inhabit that weird alien body and get to open up gates so you can kill more zombies… just an example.

It also sends more oxygen to your brain = good (#science), and it slows your heart rate from that rapid, anxious pitter patter (#science).

Tip 2: Don’t give a F…eliz Navidad!

Honestly, this year I decided to be realistic and take the pressure OFF myself (and, in turn, those around me). If you are struggling with financial/time resources, find a different way to give gifts. I understand you may not be able to cut out gift giving altogether, but there are lots of DIY gift ideas AND there are lots of experiential gifts (such as, going to dinner with all your friends and each friend pays for another friend’s meal. That way, everyone gets to experience Christmas/the holidays together, whilst also saving some cash… plus, it’s fun!). Take the pressure off yourself to HAVE to buy gifts. That’s NOT what Christmas is about! Plus, it’s no fun giving a gift to someone when you know you won’t be able to pay your rent. Is this controversial? I dunno! I’m giving you permission (please don’t send your grandma’s after me!).

Secondly, disconnect yourself from Christmas drama. Create a game plan. If you know there are going to be certain situations/people who are going to cause massive amounts of stress, create a game plan so you can narrow that amount of time.

For me, I get really tired in the evenings. So, part of my holiday plan is to be home by around 5pm (if I can). Why? Because that’s around evening, and that’s when I start to take from a deficit of energy, which leaves me hungover for at least the next day.

Tip 3: Emergency Exhaustion Protocol

Now, I stole this from a friend, but this is the step to follow if you are at the height of overwhelm and exhaustion.

What you do, is turn off the lights and lay down. Put your phone on silent and across the room (I know, it’s hard). Close your eyes and just be still. You’ll probably, eventually fall asleep, which is good! You’re stopping the sensory overload and giving yourself 5-20mins (5 because I’m being realistic) to rest. Give your brain and body some time to chill out and recover.

This tip will work! It’s hard to shut everything off and just be still, but it’s the best.

What are your best tips for self care during the holidays? Let me know in the comments! Have a beautiful day and I’ll see you next Monday!

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