Embrace YOU(niqueness) in a World of Stereotypes

I guess you could say I’m not a ‘girly girl’. I love punk-screamo music, my style is grunge-chic, I love four wheeling in mud (and almost anything adventurous), I like video games, and a lot of other ‘typical guy stuff’.

Growing up, this could’ve been really hard, always feeling I didn’t quite fit in. However, I LOVE that! I love being unique and not fitting into stereotypes. Click To Tweet

This has become one thing I’m really passionate about. I know that stereotypes do have a place, but all too often, they’re incorrect and can cause a lot of hurt for those who don’t fit in to them.

One of my most treasured compliments was from my friend’s dad, he said “you’re the perfect balance between guy and girl: 50 percent guy, 50 percent girl.” I was like, heck yes I am! (also note, I definitely have a feminine side!)

Embracing #Youniquness in a World of 'Thems'ameness - www.carmelaaimee.com
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I was texting a friend the other day about a book that I realllllllly like! It’s written by a woman and is directed towards women as a business guide. I texted her saying that, although I love the book (and it is awesome!) I hate that it’s just directed towards women. It’s actually one of my pet-peeves. She’s an incredible business woman and I feel that everyone could benefit from her. In fact, I would recommend that everyone read this book (I’m not including the title because she might specifically be interested in helping women— which is awesome!).

I realized, a couple days ago, that I felt as though I had to create my stuff so that it’s specifically ‘girly’. I didn’t even realize that I’d subconsciously believed that I can ONLY cater to women (and it has to look a certain way) because that’s the social norm. I feel that, most of my stuff is pretty gender neutral…It’s funny, I was simultaneously fighting this stereotype while also subconsciously supporting it. WHAAAA?!

It’s to the point where, when I tell someone I’m a YouTuber, they don’t ask what type, they ask, “Oh! Is it a beauty channel?” I mean, thanks for thinking I look stylish/attractive so obvi it must be beauty… but I’m probably not even wearing makeup… :/ Or, when I told people I wanted to do ministry, the initial question is “children or women’s?” To which you respond… “Uh… people? People ministry…?”

Embrace your uniqueness in a world of sameness - www.carmelaaimee.com

My friend brought up a reallllllly great point as well. She’s more on the girly girl side (which is awesome!) so she feels like she can’t be relatable to guys sometimes.

Have you heard of a show called Duck Dynasty? I’m sure you probably have ;). Well, I was thinking about how this relates. These guys with their big beards go and make duck calls, hunt, eat squirrels :S… and lots of other stuff. Even though I like some of the crazy things they do, I wouldn’t say that I necessarily relate to them (I’m not a country girl/squirrel meat lover)… BUT, they still have SO much wisdom that I (or anyone) could learn from. Just because we’re different, doesn’t mean we couldn’t be friends. It doesn’t mean that what they say can’t be relevant to me and to you!

Even though I do think men and women ARE different, I think it’s bad to be so specific about what that means we have to be like: loves pink, cooking, organizing, hates everything perceived as masculine.

This stuff affects us differently. Whether you’re a ‘girly’ girl, ‘manly’ man, or feel in between, each person is amazing and unique. Totally unique– Yet we ALL have similarities.

So, back to the compliment I received… At first, I loved it (and I still appreciate what they were getting at), but I’ve realized over the years that, there’s nothing wrong with the way I express femininity. I’m no less feminine because I love video games. It’s a part of the way God made me— totally feminine and totally unique. I’ve actually prayed multiple times asking him if something was wrong… He would always give a loud resounding, NO! And then tell me that he created me absolutely perfectly the way I am… Pretty cool, huh? It’s a unique expression that I’m so grateful I get to show!

So… Just be you! Because you are awesome! Click To Tweet Don’t worry about the boxes everyone is constantly trying to fit you in! If you fit in them— awesome! If you don’t, awesome!

Let me know what your thoughts are! I’d love to hear from you and start a conversation. OR, you can always email me: carmela@carmelaaimee.com


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