I Laugh at My Own Jokes

Welllll, if you know my mom (which you mayn’t), you know she loves to laugh… at her own jokes. Haha. Anyways, we were in the mall the other day and, when I commented on her joke she turned to me and said, “You know what?! Other people aren’t going to burn calories for me from laughing at my jokes! So, I don’t care if they’re laughing– I burn calories either way!”

We laughed for a while about this one, but, when I got home, I started thinking about this. It relates so seamlessly to business and life. Other people are NOT going to earn the money for you. Other people are NOT going to build the success for you…only you can do it!

We concern ourselves SO much (too much) with other people’s opinions to the point where it paralyzes us. The thing is, our success will not change based on those other people.

So, embrace your creativity and your passions and what you were called to do. What is it you were put on this earth to do? Pursue in the way you were created to pursue it.

Give everyone the good ol’… thumbs up as you embrace your own uniqueness.

I see it like a painting class. If I told a group of people to paint a beautiful landscape, 100% none of us would paint the same thing! Even if I told everyone to paint just a mountain, it would be different perspectives. This is how I view creativity and calling. Everyone (typically) wants what’s best for us, but they may not see our vision. That’s ok! They don’t have to. You go out and rock it and watch the success follow the consistency of you pursuing your thing your way.

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What are your thoughts? What’s one of your favourite jokes? Have you ever pursued a vision other people just didn’t get? What was the outcome? Let me know in the comments below

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