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Highlights/Lowlights | A Time to Move On

Well, well my friends, I have a confession to make. Just a few moments ago I was going through the slew of highlights/lowlights & photos on social media and comparing my life… The thing is, it wasn’t other people’s photos, it was my own (if you’re on my snapchat: @CarmelaAimee, then you already got a preview!).

I started to go through the nostalgia of seasons gone by, and, though there were good memories, there were also bad ones. Even in the past year, there are people who I’ve said things to (or the way I said it) that I cringe about. I think, oh man, you were doing SOO well until this. Or, you could’ve just not done that.

I started going down this spiral of beating myself up for things I, quite frankly, cannot change!

Have you ever been there (haha… kind of hope I’m not alone? :/)

Shutting Down the Reel

Normally, I would continue going through this list until I felt thoroughly displeased with myself and like I was the greatest bit of scum the world had ever seen (K, maybe not quite that bad 😉 ).

The thing is, it’s ok to look over the past. It’s even ok to go back over things we said and realize that we could’ve done something better. What’s NOT ok is going through a highlight/lowlight reel and kicking ourselves over and over again for lessons we’ve already learned and wishing for time we’ve already lived. It’s not coming back. That moment, message, situation, it’s not coming back.

For me, it was time to just let it go.

I felt God speaking to me to just close the window, and so I did! Isn’t that cool?! It’s not the right time for me to look back on that situation. Sometimes, we have to give ourselves time to separate the emotion from the situation.

It’s also important to know when to let go. Memories can keep us entangled in things that are now just a whisper of times gone by. Those things aren’t there anymore and they certainly aren’t coming back (yay)!

If He can let go, We can let go…

I’m so grateful for Jesus’ sacrifice. I feel like that sentence doesn’t even describe it. We’re so used to thinking that Jesus died for murderers and people who have done heinous things… but Jesus also died for the things like, that time I gossiped about my friend. Or, that time I offended someone by saying something awful.

He always has our backs. He’s so good to us. If he forgives us and lets it go… We can too.

If you’re getting caught up in your own highlights/lowlights reel– wishing for times gone by, or kicking yourself for silly mistakes… Stop. Close the window!

Look ahead! Today is a brand new day! You never know where God’s going to take yo and where the adventure will lead!

You never know when the moment will come that transports you to a completely different place (yes, I’m thinking of Narnia and the Voyage of the Dawn Treader… so what? lol). By this I mean, if we get stuck on the past, we’re robbing the present and the future.

There are beautiful things ahead for you. Take a moment to remind yourself of the beauty in today!

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