How to Get 100 YouTube Subscribers (fast!)

100 Subscribers on YouTube | How to get subs | YouTube tips

Hello friend!

Congrats on starting your very own YouTube channel! I’ve learned many lessons about how to start and grow a channel through my time being on YouTube and also the extensive research I’ve put into it.

Through all this learning I’ve put together my TOP 2 TIPS for getting your first 100 subscribers on YouTube (quickly)!

How to Get 100 Subscribers on YouTube

Well, well, well… honestly, sometimes it feels like you’re sinking into an endless well! Hahaha (I’m too punny, I know!). You put so many hours into creating and uploading– even marketing your content.

You tirelessly share your vid on your social media, but wonder why it’s NOT going ANYWHERE!!! Ugh, so frustrating.

So, how do I grow my subscribers?

Tip 1 – Network with OTHER baby YouTubers

Honestly, friends and family are great, but they aren’t always your ‘audience’ (the ones who resonate with your brand, content and message). So, you may find you’re getting a lacklustre response from just marketing to you friends and family (and– if you’re anything like me, you’ll feel really scammy and scummy asking your friends to watch your vids. Even promoting it on my wall can be hard sometimes).

So, who do you market to? Other baby YouTubers! These fellow YouTubers understand what you’re trying to do. They have the same (or similar) goal: grow a YouTube channel.

I’ve found a few YouTubers throughout my time on this platform who subscribed to my channel and like/comment on my videos. How great is that?!

Better still, sometimes their channel aligns with yours and you start making legit friends. How many of you know, finding someone who has a similar interest which not a lot of people share is really cool?! You can totes gab about YouTube for dayyyyys! Haha.

I started finding videos where other baby YouTubers were going to talk about/grow their channels. It worked! I got so many subs (SO quickly), I was shocked. Turns out there are some amazing people out there who really want to support my/YOUR content!

Tip 2: Upload Frequently

I’m sure you’ve heard, “Upload consistently!”, but I thought I’d share my spin on this topic.

I saw that, the more frequently I uploaded, the more views I got.

So, 1 vid a week would generate, let’s say 5 views (I’m shooting lower here because the number is irrelevant, it’s about the growth). if I uploaded 2 vids, I’d get 15 views a week! So, not only was I getting more view simply because I had more vids, but I found the views on individual vids also went up.

I also found my older vids were getting more views.

Needless to say, uploading frequently does help your channel!

Now, over to you! What have you found that’s worked for you? What are some of your favourite tips? Please share so we can ALL grow our channels 🙂

Thank you so much for reading.

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