About Me…

IMG_0548Hello world! I’m Carmela, a Blogger/YouTuber for people who want to laugh, learn, and grow. Through my videos and posts, I’m here to inspire you and shake up your approach to life— while making it all feel like fun!

Let’s talk about you for a moment, because you’re pretty awesome! I hope that you find encouragement, laughter, advice, and a smile 🙂 over here! I know what it’s like going through life with a thousand curve balls and even more expectations. Woof. We could all use a few more laughs and someone who just understands. I hope this site becomes a community where we can share and grow together.

When I’m not writing or filming, you can find me dreaming about/planning my next trip, listening to some epic punk/screamo music, and with my head in a book. I love Jesus and am so thankful that he’s my adventure buddy/ best friend.

I can’t wait for us to get to know each other!

Get ready to laugh and enjoy life at carmelaaimee.com

Want to get in touch? I’d LOVE to hear from you! Email: carmela@carmelaaimee.com


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