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Why I Love Failing Forward | 3 Ways to Embrace Failing

Ok, let’s talk about one of my least favourite things: failing. Oh man! I feel like, since starting my own business, I’ve come across SO many challenges and struggles. I’ve made– then broken, many commitments. I’ve been trying to push through, but it sure isn’t easy… If it was easy, everyone would do it, but no one would appreciate it.

You know what, though? Over the past year, my perspective on *gulp* failing, has totally changed!

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For example, this week, I got my blog post up on time (YAY!!!!)! I was doing really well. I was getting things DONE! Then, I kinda, sorta left my YouTube vid until the last minute, but it  was ok. OR NOT! Haha, I was trying to download a game to do a gaming video, it took FOREVER, then, my computer was too full to complete the download :/. Talk about a major bummer. So, another Friday passed with no video to show. BUT, you know what? I’m looking at this as an opportunity! Yes, I’m always frustrated when I don’t meet a deadline, but instead of letting it get me down, I’m using it as incentive to get better.

I’m just beginning. This is ALL new (not to mention I JUST moved a few weeks ago into the city… #DRASTICLifeChanges). Anyways, what I want to get across to you is this: failing is OK. It’s part of the process of moving forward. If I wasn’t growing– wasn’t pushing forward, wasn’t moving, I wouldn’t be failing… I’d be flirting with becoming a failure. That’s a very big difference.

Luke 21:19 - 3 Tips to Failing Forward: How I've learned to embrace failing and use it to catapult me to success - www.carmelaaimee.com #quote #scripture #verse #success

My scheduling is getting WAYYYYY better and I’m learning to focus on what’s important and not over-extend myself (#Guilty!). Don’t let failing– or the fear of failure keep you down. Each time we miss the mark, it becomes a step that brings us higher, if we keep pushing forward!

3 Ways to Fail Forward:

1. Focus: Set Your Goal

When it comes to pushing forward, you’re going to meet opposition… Like cray! BUT, if you have clear focus on a specific goal, you’re more likely to push forward. What is that one thing that motivates you? Honestly, it’s quintessential to have your big, overarching goal, but it’s also important to have tiny goals/focus. Say, if you know you need to write something and you have a deadline, tell yourself that you’ll treat yourself to a nice chai latte after you finish. This is give you something positive, tangible– and somewhat immediate, to focus on that day.

2. Pray

If I didn’t have a firm foundation in God’s love, failing would totally take me out! I need to know that I am securely loved and always give everything to him! Just like David, it’s so important to develop a life of prayer.

3. Embrace Failing

WHEN you fail (not if), learn to embrace it as part of the process rather than shy away from it. It sucks but, I haven’t had ONE single friendship that hasn’t been through a time of me failing them in some way or another. Whether it be something awful I’ve said, or we just miscommunicate, it happens. That’s the same with everything else. When we truly value something, we don’t let those hiccups take us out. The friendships that have been through hardships are the strongest of all friendships. You’re able to weather the storm and you grew EXPONENTIALLY in the process. Allow mishaps to shape you into something greater! Remember that, God works EVERYTHING together for good for those who love him and are called according to his purpose!

Everyone who’s accomplished something great– save Jesus, has failed! Isn’t that cool?! EVERY successful person has something in common: failure. Yay! Haha, that makes me feel A LOT better.

What about you? Which tip sticks out to you the most? What’s one lesson you’ve learned from failing?

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  1. Hi Carmela! This post speaks to me so much. I’ve failed countless times and it really isn’t the best feeling in the world. However, it is after failing that I become stronger and wiser (because of the experiences and lessons learned).

    My favorite words from the bible are “Do not be afraid.” It gives me the strength and courage to stand up again despite all the challenges life throws at me.

    1. Hey Elle! It’s so true. Failing is the worst, but so much can come out of it.
      That’s so beautiful, I love those words too! They’re always encouraging and a reminder that God is bigger than any situation. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

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