Hope is Stirring: A Reminder for Times of Deferred Hope

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, he said. But what we didn’t realize is that, the deferral of hope can bring you to a place where you forget how to recognize hope itself… You can lead yourself down a spiralling path to a despairing place where you start to expect the worst. You expect only pain and hard lessons. You can lose sight of the vision, what’s worse, you can lose sight of the one who gave you the promise. The thing is, that’s only half the scripture. Yes, hope deferred makes the heart sick, BUT when the desire comes when the longing is fulfilled it’s a wellspring of life. God wants the absolute best for us! Sometimes, that includes waiting for our promises. As much as the waiting can hurt, you don’t want he wrong timing! Or the ‘works for now but costs me later’ thing. He who promised is faithful to bring to completion. He also tells us this. There is no end to the hope that lies within the hands of the Creator himself. He never promises and doesn’t bring to fulfillment. He will complete what he began in your life! So, don’t lose sight of him when your hope is deferred. Don’t get your eyes on your ‘hoped for’, keep your eyes on the keeper of promises and you WILL see it come to pass, just as he promised. He is faithful to complete it all.

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