Highlights/Lowlights | A Time to Move On

Highlights/Lowlights | A time to move on, Do you ever get caught up in the slew of photos on social media? Sometimes, it's your own photos that get you down... But they don't have to! - www.carmelaaimee.com

Well, well my friends, I have a confession to make. Just a few moments ago I was going through the slew of highlights/lowlights & photos on social media and comparing my life… The thing is, it wasn’t other people’s photos, it was my own (if you’re on my snapchat: @CarmelaAimee, then you already got a preview!).

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Favourable vs. True

Sometimes we know what the truth is but we don't want to hear it. It takes such strong character to stand in the midst of challenges like this - www.carmelaaimee.com #blog #motivation #true #truth

“But Jehoshaphat also said to the king of Israel, ‘First seek the counsel of the Lord.'” 1 Kings 22:5

Can you relate to feeling like you have a lot of decisions to make (and circumstances that require action) right in front of you?

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